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Toon is a social enterprise founded in July 2023, whose focus is helping children from underprivileged communities around the world through art. Toon collaborates with organizations and institutions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia in an effort to raise awareness about vulnerable children's communities, make their voices heard, and provide funding for these communities directly from products purchased from Toon.

Toon, coming from the Armenian word home, gives children from around the world the opportunity to paint their hometowns and turn them into homegrown art. We act as a platform to showcase and offer you their art on various products, donating a portion of the profits back to their respective organizations. Toon offers you the unique opportunity to learn about countries in a new light and to make a difference in the life of a child.

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As of December 2023, Toon has given back:

$235.00 USD

to children worldwide

Our Protection

There is no home without safety. Toon LLC values the safety and protection of our assets, our partners, our friends, and our customers. As a result, Toon LLC has implemented various assets in order to protect all those who associate, interact, or transact with Toon LLC. 

Online Protections

Toon LLC utilizes a variety of software and other technologies to protect the assets on and related to our website.

Payment Security

Toon LLC utilizes an online and secure payment system through our hosting platform, ensuring that customers' information stays safe and secure. 


Toon LLC consistently monitors breaches in website and asset security. Monitoring everything from suspicious activity to the use of illicit/illegal systems and/or technologies on our website.

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Our social enterprise:

Toon is a registered LLC in Clark County, Nevada, United States, with an emphasis on giving back to the communities in which they work with. A portion of all profits that Toon makes goes back to serving the communities they operate within, to see a picture of Toon's donations click below:

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